Schedule & Proceedings

Schedule on 19th and 20th September 2019

19th of September, 8h00-13h00 Morning 
8h15  Welcome  coffee 
8h45  CWS opening
9h About and around inconsistencies Chair Elise Vareilles
Coping with Inconsistent Models of Requirements Juha Tiihonen, Mikko Raatikainen, Lalli Myllyaho, Clara Marie Lüders and Tomi Männistö
Consistency-based Merging of Variability Models Alexander Felfernig, Mathias Uta, Gottfried Schenner and Johannes Spöcklberger
Conversational Recommendations Utilizing Model-based Reasoning Oliver Tazl, Alexander Perko and Franz Wotawa
Decision Biases in Preference Acquisition Martin Stettinger, Alexander Felfernig and Ralph Samer
11h Coffee break 
11h30 About product and service configuration Chair Sara Shafiee
Enrichment of geometric CAD models for service configuration Daniel Schreiber, Lukas Domarkas, Paul Christoph Gembarski and Roland Lachmayer
A generic knowledge-based model for commercial offers configuration Delphine Guillon, Rania Ayachi, Elise Vareilles, Michel Aldanondo, Eric Villeneuve, Christophe Merlo and Andrés Barco Santa
12h30 Next configuration workshop
Michel Aldanondo and Andreas Falkner
13h-14h Lunch  break 
19th of September, 14h-17h30 Afternoon  
14h Keynote : Markus Kiele-Dunsche (Lenze SE): Asset administration shell meets configuration Chairs Lothar Hotz and Albert Haag
15h Sponsor break  Possibility to meet the sponsors
15h30 Configuration applications and benefits Chair Juha Tiihonen
smartfit: Using Knowledge-based Configuration for Automatic Training Plan Generation Florian Grigoleit, Peter Struss and Florian Kreuzpointner
Prioritizing Products for Profitable Investments on Product Configuration Systems Sara Shafiee, Lars Hvam and Poorang Piroozfar
A Search Engine Optimization Recommender System Juan Camilo Duque Delgado, Christian David Hoyos, Andrés Felipe Barco Santa and Elise Vareilles
Comparing the Gained Benefits from Product Configuration Systems Sara Shafiee, Lars Hvam and Anders Haug
19h Common Dinner
20th of September,  9h-13h Morning 
9h About configuration requirements Chair Alexander  Felfernig
Reusing modules across configuration systems Amartya Ghosh, Anna Myrodia, Lars Hvam and Niels Henrik Mortensen
Adaptive Autonomous Machines – Requirements and Challenges Lothar Hotz, Stephanie von Riegen, Matthias Riebisch, Markus Kiele-Dunsche and Rainer Herzog
Constraint Solver Requirements for Interactive Configuration Andreas Falkner, Alois Haselböck, Gerfried Krames, Gottfried Schenner and Richard Taupe
10h30  Coffee break
11h  About configuration with standard and non standard items Chair Cipriano Forza
Portfolio Management: How to Find Your Standard Variants Frank Dylla, Daniel Jeuken and Thorsten Krebs
Configuration of out of standard product : How far is ETO from ATO ? Abdourahim Sylla, Rania Ayachi, Michel Aldanondo and Elise Vareilles
12h Best paper award  Chairs Thorsten Krebs and Linda Zhang
12h30  CWS closing : Lothar Hotz, Thorsten Krebs, Michel Aldanondo
13h          Workshop End